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More from the EMAs

Images like this, showing Peter looking happy and relaxed, with a bottle of beer in his hands (Corona in this case, my fave) are starting to look familiar. It was taken last night, at the much discussed Europe Music Awards in Munich. Babyshambles didn't win anything (they weren't even nominated of course) but, according to Gigwise, they "stunned the crowd". "Performing ‘Delivery,’ - the lead single from their second album ‘Shotter’s Nation’ - the band received a positive ovation from the large crowd in Munich both before and after the song". We, who followed the show from our little houses and our little TV sets, saw a strong rendition of Delivery, but failed to see any "stunned" watcher. Not that they had many stunning rivals in the other artists. Avril Lavigne is a pretty little girl who always sings the same song, My Chemical Romance only appeal to Teenagers, and Tokio Hotel are the last metheoritic semi-boy band. Amy Winehouse is a good singer but, poor girl, totally wasted (she even won something but did not seem to be quite aware of that). Peter said she was on White Russians, in the short interview previous to the show. He also said something about the new course of Babyshambles being "punctuality and professionalism". Judging from his face he was being tongue in cheek, but we know that behind his bollocks Peter always says a grain of truth. The Shambles presence at the Awards was enriched by those two Madden twins from Good Charlotte, who announced Peter's band as winner of the album of the year award (of course they weren't. Nelly Furtado was). I don't think it was a pisstake, also because the Maddens had just had their photo taken with Peter and co. and they looked all happy to meet them and all that crap. There's also an interesting photo showin' Peter backstage with Michael Stipe (everybody has seen it so I'm not showing it).
So, what else is to be said? I don't believe this little escapade in the mainstream showbiz did any serious harm to Babyshambles. All in all, they seemed to be quite at ease, maybe with the only exception of the lovely Drew. Of course Peter has been steeped in the showbiz for almost 3 years now (although for other reasons than music) but also his mates seem to be going much more self confident while the Arena Tour is coming closer and closer. What should I say, that all this has nothing to do with The Arcadiam Dream? Well, yes, sure. But people keep saying, move on. And we move on. On and away from Arcadia. Up the Shambles.
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