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Manchester, 22/11/07

First impressions on the opening night from people who were there. Small crowd, Joe Lean and Dizzee Rascal supporting (more positive reviews for the latter), no special guests, no Libertines songs, Peter and Adam in playful mood, scenography consisting of "old style english stuff such as old fashioned maxboxes covering the amps. On the screen in the backfround they had all sorts of old fashioned picture , with many newpaper cuttings and such from the war. It was really a good set and when they played Fuck Forever at the end about 6 massive Union Jacks dropped from the top of the set" (from Likely Laz of FDB Forum). Everybody seems to agree on a "a bit cold atmosphere".

Here's the NME review.
There's also a very irritating review from the Manchester Evening News but we are much more interested in reports from the boys and girls who spent their money and queued in the afternoon to get there rather than those from some snotty journos who were sent there by their chief to write a piece about something they don't give a shit about, OK?

Carry On Up The Morning, Delivery, Beg Steal Or Borrow, Baddies Boogie, Unstookietitled, Side Of The Road, Unbilotitled,The Blinding, You Talk, Sedative, Crumb Begging Baghead, The Lost Art Of Murder, There She Goes (A Little Heartache), Albion, Pipe Down, Killamangiro, Back From The Dead, I Wish, Fuck Forever.

The tour carries on tonight in Newcastle. Up the Shambles.

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