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Babyshambles in Munich

This is a photo taken last night at the MTV Allstars Night at the Circus Krone in Munich. I don't have the exact setlist yet but mlhaim from, who was there, tells us "the setlist was a good mixture of shotters nation songs and older stuff" and the finale was "killamangiro, pipe down and fuck forever". Mlhaim talks of a good show only partly ruined by Mik's awful state.
The news of the day, though, is that tonight Pete is going to duet with Amy Winehouse at the EMA's main show, at least that's what The Sun claims, so I wouldn't give it too much attention. The only certain thing is that Wino has been confirmed as a last minute addition to the list of performers. There's also a silly snippet about Dave Grohl denying Peter access to his bar because he doesn't want to corrupt a newly cleaned-up bloke yadda yadda yadda.
We're getting in the MTV spirit of course, but only for tonight.
Rock on Shambles.

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