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Peterless and Carlless

With Peter back in rehab and Carlos still in exile, let's have a look at what else is going on in the Libertine world.
  • We were a bit confused yesterday when we heard that Graham Coxon is recording with a supergroup featuring Drew, Supergrass and the Enemy for a charity record called Crisis X Factor. More confusion followed when we read the record was going to be completed today with the final collaboration of Dirty Pretty Strings. No, it's not a typing error. This band actually exists. If you want to know more about Dirty Pretty Strings click here (Carl is the one on the left, at the front).
  • It seems Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park is a secret Shambles fan.
  • The XFM's birthday gig featuring Babyshambles, originally scheduled on November 18, has been postponed to December 3 at King's College London.
  • The power of frinkocracy! Although not listed among the acts originally proposed by the NME for the 2007 Cool List, as I write Carletto Barattolo has already jumped to number 3 in the readers list. Says the NME: "Another year and will Carl slip further from the Cool List or triumph like a phoenix from the flames? There’s hope for the future if he can make Dirty Pretty Things’ second album a classic". Great. Now stop voting Carlos, and get back to recording.
  • Yeti are playing the 100 Club in London on 24 nov 2007.

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djalminho said...

"Now stop voting Carlos, and get back to recording."

Great one :)