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Moisturisers, special guests and meditation

There's not much to tell about last night's gig in Bournemouth. The gig was moved to a smaller venue and that worked fine but reports talk of a nasty crowd, throwing things to the stage and generally behaving like idiots. Peter looked pissed off enough to leave the stage in a huff at the end of the encore (which was Fuck Forever, as usual). Setlist was identical to the Brighton gig, with Music When The Light Goes Out on acoustic guitar.
Now it's only a few hours to Wembley and the guys seem a tad excited (can you blame them?). Look what the lovely Drew has written in his blog:
Hello. I'm currently sat in the BIC production office waiting to play our fourth date of the tour, which finds us in Bournemouth. We played Brighton last night and Newcastle before that. It's been great so far. Dizzie Rascal and the Jing Jang Jongalongs have been on form too. Highlight of the set for me tends to be Unstookie-titled. When we get that one right it kind of sends me into a trance, like the music is moving in circles. Erm ... I know what I mean. Having Lord Large playing with us has been great, but he's off on tour with Squeeze. Terrible shame. Hopefully some youth called Shamus is coming to play tomorrow at Wembley. Wembley! Babyshambles? Wembley!? Who woulda thunk it?
Today I watched Mick apply moisturiser to his toothbrush and scrub his teeth for about two minutes before he realised. His face was a picture. On that bombshell... ta ra.

Bombshell? OK, there are talks of special guests tonight. Pat Walden it ain't (that's another story but now it's not the time for brooding). Carl Barat it ain't either (that's a third story). Kate Moss? I hope she's not. Mick Jones? Keith Richards? Johnny Marr? Buddy Holly? Time will tell.

Apparently Peter has become addicted to meditation (he took it from Adam). At least, that's what red tops say today (not worth linking).

The solo album again. There's a whole page in the new NME about it (Moz on the cover).

Have a special night everyone who's going to the show. We'll be waiting here, all alone...

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