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Brighton and more shambles

Babyshambles played Brighton Centre last night (photo by Mike Burnell for Flickr).
Setlist almost identical to the other nights plus Peter strumming Music When The Lights Go Out. "They were tight throughout" said Matt Shambles from FDB "The last encore was shambolic in truly brilliant way. Unbilotitled sounded as anthemic as Fuck Forever and surely must be their next single. I dont think it feels like an arena". Another poster to the Libertines official site confirms: "Not full (a lot of the seated area was curtained off) but it really was very good. Seemed to be the same set list as the last 2 nights but with Music When The Lights Go Out as an additional one at the start of the accoustic bit. Loved the acoustic bit (and the band really seemed to enjoy doing it). And Side of the Road was fantastic".
'Carry On Up The Morning', 'Delivery', 'Beg, Steal Or Borrow', 'Baddies Boogie', 'Unstookietitled', 'Side Of The Road', 'Unbilotitled', 'The Blinding', 'You Talk' , 'Sedative', 'Crumb Begging Baghead', 'Lost Art Of Murder', 'There She Goes (A Little Heartache)', 'Albion', 'Pipe Down', 'Killamangiro', 'Back From The Dead', 'Music When The Lights Go Out', 'Fuck Forever'
In addition:
  • Peter is on the cover of French mag Rock'n'Folk (long article but in French. Anjali where are you?)
  • There's a story about Peter banning alcohol on the tourbus
  • Drew has gotten back to writing his blog
  • Adam has launched another side project
The tour goes on to Bournemouth. Up the Shambles.

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