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The never ending soap of Pete's solo album

Another three months have passed and a new Pete-solo-album-on-the-way article has been published. Although this blog is only barely 4 months old we have already had this info in one of the first posts. Now it’s time for a relapse (oops), sorry, a reprise. The NME launched the news yesterday in the afternoon:
Pete Doherty is a quarter of the way through recording his debut solo album and plans to release it next summer, NME.COM can exclusively reveal. Three of the album's 12 tracks have been completed during secret recording sessions with producer Jake Foir. Foir told NME.COM: "We're recording it piecemeal between two studios in London. We go in for two or three hours at a time, usually at about two in the morning, and get stuff down. It sounds slower and more intimate [than Babyshambles] Pete's writing is more universal, rather than about personal experiences". Foir explained that a large cast of musicians will appear alongside Pete, including his Babyshambles bandmates, who play on the track 'Cuckoo'. South London band The Thirst, who visited Doherty at his Wiltshire home to demo with him, will also contribute, along with London rapper Klashnekoff. Although recording for the album is well underway, Babyshambles' label, Parlophone, could halt its release. Foir explained that the plan is to finish the album then present it to the label with a view to an official release, but he says that so far Parlophone have been unhappy about Doherty recording outside of their control. Foir was also able to reassure fans that, despite his heroin relapse, the Babyshambles mainman is "still on top form", healthy and enjoying life in rural Wiltshire. "I just spent a weekend with him - just me, him and the cats," he recalled. "He's out there in a 28-room mansion - it's very '60s-style and cool, I keep expecting Marianne Faithfull to come walking through one of the doors!”.

“THERE’S SOMETHING NEW ABOUT THAT DOCKERTY BLOKE!” screamed at this point the Sun’s news editor (who looks a lot like Alan McGee).
“What?” said the gossip column journo “Injecting heroin to a nun?”.
“What? With Karl Barrett???”.
“Who cares? She’s dead!”.

And so The Sun published the news too…
PETE DOHERTY is recording a secret solo album inbetween trips to rehab.
He has been working on tracks at his “creative” Wiltshire den — but label bosses are livid as they want him doing songs for BABYSHAMBLES. The junkie is penning material with London rapper KLASHNEKOFF.
The news was also taken up by a site named earthtimes.
Jokes aside, I think a lot of people would be very very happy if this album existed for real and was going to be published next summer (followed by a tour??? One can only hope). But it looks like this is as probable as a Libertines reunion at this point (and I’m not talking Carl & Peter, I’m talking Libertines). Anyway, I bet that IF this album had to be released it would be something much more exciting than Shotter’s Nation (no offence to the other Shambles of course) and maybe it would restore a little more “faith” in Peter as an edge artist after his dubious 2007 antics. So my suggestion is: go on, Peter. We really want this album. Say a huge fuck off to record industry bosses and produce something amazing. I’m sure YOU at least have still the balls to do that.
Later with some news from the tour!

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