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Carl speaks from L.A.

A good spanking? Hmmmmm...

Short interview on the new issue of the NME (thanks to Linna for the transcription):

NME: Hi Carl. So you’re in LA recording the second Dirty Pretty Things album. How’s everything going in the States:
C: Great thanks. I’m really excited about making this album - it’s going really well, and I’ve found some good bars. There’s one called The Cock and Bull, and a dirty pub called the King’s Head. it’s really manky - just like an English pub. But last night we went bowling and ended up getting spanked with some rednecks, so I’m not feeling so good today.
NME Do you get homesick?
C: Yeah I miss England’s miserable weather. I’m not joking, I do. I like the passions you see in the seasons all year round - it’s a bit unnatural here - the weather’s always the same. Say Hi to Blighty for me. (Hi back from Blighty - Linna xx)
NME: So how’s the new album sounding?
C: We’re moving fast - we’ve done 20 songs. We’re not recording the album live - it’s the first time I’ve recorded like that. There’s some string effects. I think it’ll be easier on the ear, but by no means easy listening.
NME: Would you fancy playing an arena tour this time around, Babyshambles style?
C: Not really, I find arenas so impersonal. It’s a bit much for me.
NME Have you been in touch with Pete?
C: Not for ages actually, not since the Sgt Pepper thing (the pair covered The Beatles’ A Day In the Life for Radio 2 in June). His manager phoned me up recently and said he wanted me to write a musical with Pete. Pete was approached, so he wanted to see if I would get involved. It wouldn’t be a Libertines musical - it’d probably be a comedy. But I’m busy with the album right now. Maybe one day, it’d be fun!
NME If not musical-writing any plans for working with Pete again soon?
C: Maybe we’ll do something together, I don’t really know. I’m trying not to overshadow this album. Could we get together at a summer festival? Ha ha maybe, although I wouldn’t know about it until five minutes before it happened
NME We’ll hear more about the album soon but what’s the title going to be
C: Hmm maybe “this is where the truth begins”. Or possibly something inspired by last night’s events - Getting Spanked by the Yanks.

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