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Newcastle, and more from Manchester

While we are waiting for some photos or at least the setlist of last night gig in Newcastle, let's look at a few reports. Some people were astonished at the many empty seats, but almost everybody agree that it was "a good show". Peter talked about almost cancelling the gig due to voice problems. "...Pete said he wasn't goin to play fuck forever" reports Sean_Spaff from FDB "and the crowd all jeered and he was like "I can't man, it's too hard on ma voice"... followed by more jeers, so he plays Back From The Dead and then breaks into Fuck Forever".
"My favourite part of the whole gig" Sean says "was when the whole band just went to one corner of the stage and Drew picked up the cello, and Pete was on acoustic guitar and the band started playing songs like 'There she goes' ".
Spongebob says: "I thought they were amazing, its the first time i have seen shambles live.. I know it wasnt a sell out crowd but the atmosphere was still good and i have bruises on my arms off jumping into people. Their performance was really good and I loved the acoustic part of the show and when they played Fuck Forever at the end!"
The Daily Star has a piece about the Manchester post-gig shenanigans but it gets laughable at the end.
Unfortunately every time I google for Babyshambles news all I get is Wino and her drama.
Adam has given a rather bitter interview to a Nottingham journo. Maybe it was just the cold. Or maybe he knows something we don't.
Now I know who passed the germs to Peter!
No show tonight. A good chance to rest your voice, Bilo.
Carry on Up the Morning, Delivery, Beg Steal or Borrow, Baddies Boogie, You Talk, UnStookietitled, Side of the Road, UnBilotitled, Sedative, The Blinding, Crumb Begging Baghead, -(Acoustic) Lost Art of Murder (Pete Solo), There She Goes, Albion, -(Normal) Pipe Down, Killamangiro, Back from the Dead, Fuck Forever

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