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So, what really happened last night?

photo by happy_in_my_dust_and_gloo m

Did you see the video I posted earlier? Peter put it up in his you tube channel, writing: "Frenchdogblues is down... spread the word someone help please about tonght'sgig. oh yeah, merry christmas and an apple in your ear to all those full of love and whatnot. here's hoping for a brighter 2009."

So, was there a gig last night? Not really. Actually it was a dj set with 'acoustic guitar intermissions'. The location of course was 126 Commercial Road, and there were about 20-25 people attending (Peter included). According to Properbo Peter played "a blinding mix of D'n'B and acid house".

It's a shame FDB was down yesterday and so few people knew about the event but I'm sure Peter will do it again very soon (also, keep waiting for other videos folks!). For the record, FDB is back today. Damn!


DaleMassey said...

Sorry I was taking the piss!
I didn't attend, and I'm almost certain no D'n'B or Acid House were played. :]

EZ said...

Well actually it wasn't that strange. :D