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I'm not sure where this article comes from (probably, but thanks to Skyebluekookie pur putting it up (on Libs Daily):

Babyshambles play one-off gig with Roger Daltrey
The gig, in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust and cancelled music festival Moonfest, was dedicated to Daniel Squires, the 16-year-old cancer sufferer who died last year. Squires had struck up a friendship with Doherty and Daltrey, and The Who singer paid tribute to Doherty for "treating Daniel like a king" during his final months.
Speaking to NME.COM before the gig, bassist Drew McConnell said he wasn't entirely confident the gig would be a success. "We did one rehearsal," he said. "It could go tits up tonight. It could always go tits up with us, but tonight especially. If we play well, then brilliant. But if we fuck it up massively, then at least it's gonna be a laugh! I think that would be fun to watch anyway."
After playing a series of Babyshambles and Libertines songs, including 'Pipedown' and 'Time For Heroes', Doherty introduced Daltrey onto the stage.

Wearing specs and a large scarf, The Who singer sang ten songs in total, backed for the most part by Babyshambles and Simon Townshend (Pete Townshend's younger brother).

Before kicking into The Who classic 'A Legal Matter', Daltrey joked that the song was "an ironic choice", considering Doherty's near-constant battles with the authorities.

Referencing the Moonfest cancellation last year where police claimed Babyshambles' set might inspire violence, which saw organisers struggle to repay fans' ticket fares, Daltrey declared: "I'm also here tonight because of some poxy council who cancelled a festival. It reminds me of the sort of things we [The Who] had to put up with."

Doherty and Daltrey traded lead vocals throughout the set. During an impassioned version of 'Magic Bus', Doherty screamed Pete Townshend's backing vocals, while 'I Can't Explain' saw the Babyshambles man sing Daltrey's lead parts, with The Who singer backing him up.

After finishing the song, Daltrey performed 'Behind Blue Eyes', backed only by Townshend, while the rest of Babyshambles watched from the side of the stage.

As Daltrey then teased the audience by playing the opening chords to Johnny Cash's 'I Got Stripes', an animated Doherty rushed onto the stage and played along on the drums.

The somewhat unplanned Cash love-in continued, as Daltrey then launched into 'Ring Of Fire', to great cheers from the audience. Doherty grabbed a microphone, only to fluff the song's lyrics and shy away from singing the rest of the track. "You fall too easily, mate, that's your problem," Daltrey joked.

The Who singer then left the stage, although he continued to watch the remainder of Babyshambles' set from the wings.

He later rejoined the band for a raucous version of The Who's classic, 'My Generation'.

'Beg, Steal And Borrow'
'Baddies Boogie'
'There She Goes (A Little Heartache)'
'Time For Heroes'
'A Legal Matter' (with Roger Daltrey)
'Substitute' (with Roger Daltrey)
'Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere' (with Roger Daltrey)
'The Kids Are Alright' (with Roger Daltrey)
'Magic Bus' (with Roger Daltrey)
'I Can't Explain' (with Roger Daltrey)
'Behind Blue Eyes (Roger Daltrey solo)
'I Got Stripes' (with Roger Daltrey)
'Ring Of Fire' (with Roger Daltrey)
'Side Of The Road'
'Fuck Forever'
'My Generation' (with Roger Daltrey)

Plus! Graham Coxon talks about his collaboration with Peter at the Blur's official forum (thanks to Joelena for the tip):
"I actually like pete as a person a lot. he is very funny, warm and charming. he has rough press and not surprisingly so.. he is also very impressionable, quite vulnerable, rather too trusting and needlessly gets himself into some difficulties- basically and unfortunately for him, he is a scumbag magnet. i would not have entertained the idea of playing on his record if i had not heard such alot of promise when listening to the demos. I really do think its easy to think pete is a waster...i also have been more than a little angry with him at times for pissing his talent up the wall on too many occasions...but i think when he sees thru the murk at what opputunities are there for him he can really come up with the goods... well i think he did with these songs anyway. some songs here touched me quite deep to be honest... and lyrically i think hes bang on with this record...".

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