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He's the last of the English hotties

I know everybody's heard it already but this is not a rip, you can listen to Peter's single at this radio station (ha! It's French!) below Lily Allen's picture. It's a beautiful ballad but I'm not too convinced by the chorus yet.
By the way, if you go to this site, on the right there's a picture which could be the single's artwork, but I'm not too sure.
The News of The World is giving away an acoustic guitar signed by Peter and has some funny words on Peter and Carl's future collaboration: “We’ve spoken about playing together again" said Peter (allegedly) "and I want to. But he’s told me I need have some weird sort of therapy to check my energy levels first.”
So, apparently now it's being called "energy". "Hey, did you see that guy from energy? That was scary innit?".
Ahem. Sorry, that was awful. Later!

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