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Peter's London nights

Photo by Elise

The second Rhythm Factory show went great. After the disaster of Thursday night , Peter and Babyshambles (Drew included) put on a fantastic show that left everyone pleased. Report by Elise:
"After about a million opening acts, Babyshambles came on at around quarter to one. There were quite a few cameras around, so the gig was indeed filmed. The crowd was alright; there were the occasional 'I wish' chants and Petah! exclamations, but I was stood next to some lovely people. During the final opening act, Peter was lurking near the backstage area, chatting with the 'DJ' and looking through his playlist. A big yellow washing basket full of beer bottles was put on stage. Peter came on first, signing tickets and writing 'Up the Shambles' and 'QPR FC' on the blue wall. The rest of the band followed and they seemed in good form, smiling and chatting, but you could definitely sense an air of nervous anticipation. Mik looked incredibly pale and mostly stared at the ground, Drew and Adam were taking their cues from Peter to see which song they'd be playing next. Fuck Forever was an explosive start and the crowd responded enthusiastically. The band played a tight set, with a twenty minute break in the middle. Personally, I found All At Sea an absolute highlight. The man who came to stay ended the evening on a positive and surprising note. Bloody great night indeed.

Setlist: Fuck forever Last of the English Roses All at sea Crumb Begging Baghead There she goes Palace of bone Time for Heroes Killamangiro Pipedown -- Baddies Boogie You Talk Unbilotitled Merry go round Deft left hand Side of the road Delivery The man who came to stay".

One more thing, Adam had to cancel his show in Manchester last night in order to give a hand to Peter at the RF, because "Babyshambles are my priority". Tonight he's going to play in Wakefield at 9 pm, and then join the others for the third night at the Rhythm Factory. Now that's what I call a man. I mean, a drummer.

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