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Pete Doherty in 24 hours

Funny people, Italians. As Prime Minister we have a bloke who used to entertain cruisers on love boats. We’re drenched in rubbish, debts and camorra. We pretend to be pious, religious people but forget to say our only true god is Money. And basically we hate each other. But! We were also the first to see (drumroll) “Pete Doherty in 24 hours”, MTV’s reality show featuring our very own hero.

The show was aired last night on MTV Brand NEW (Italy’s MTV2) at 10 pm (CET) and ended after 50 minutes (with two commercial breaks). It’s not any different from the other various MTV “Diaries” and stuff, but rather than Rihanna or Beyonce we have Pizza. The camera follows the man in his country mansion the day before the fashion show at the Prince of Wales (mid-September of last year) with some interludes showing the organizers’ despair at the impossibility to find real models for the show. Peter takes us around his house, does a bit of comedy here and there, runs and jumps in the garden like a little boy and coos his kittens. And he’s always so funny and charming and lovely and sweet and adorable (fangirlie moment). Eventually his staff manages to pin him down and drag him to London through a horrific traffic jam. The gig starts, some girls do the catwalk, and Peter climbs on a small stage where he’s joined by Mik and later by a Carl Barat coming out from nowhere to sing Don’t look back into the sun and Oasis’ Don’t look back in anger. The two embrace and the show ends.

“Pete Doherty in 24 hours” will be repeated tomorrow (Saturday) at 11 pm and Sunday at 8 pm.

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