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On two different sides of the world...

Peter was on the euro-side last night. He played at the Rhythm Factory and Adam and Mik joined him (Drew didn't). Comments from people attending are generally quite negative. It seems Peter was on shit form, dirty and petulant and the crowd turned against him, which resulted in him getting even more furious. Later he apologized to fans outside the club, acknowledged he'd blown everything and also played a small acoustic set. That's Peter. Once again.

On the Pacific side, Carlos played it safe introducing Glasvegas at San Francisco's Popscene, with a setlist formed by old Liberines songs and 3 DPT oldies (thanks to Penny for the info):
What a Waster
Man Who Would Be King
Bloodthirsty Bastards
Ballad of Grimaldi
Music When the Lights Go Out
Time For Heroes

This video shows Carl playing the end of Bloodthirsty Bastards and The Ballad of Grimaldi.

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