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Last night's bash

Photo by happy_in_my_dust_and_gloo m

First we got a message from Peter on FDW: "The green baize of the pool table like Wembley on cup final day. Well, at half-time anyway... It's just me and the shadows on the CCTV system. New Year's resolutions abound. I'm the first here for tonight's gig. Finger nail's clean and down to 17 fags a day. 7 people showed up to the 'disco' saturday so the credit crunch hits hard at heavy horse and economizing means i'm on dust-pan and brush duty as the city-workers swap shifts on the city stage with the pimps, pushers, puta's and opera goers. Commercial Rd.. Saree shop shutters slam shut and sirens sing as a squad car swoops down crow-like to Bow. Over by the river the lights are on inside the tower. Beef-eaters probably tucking into stew or something".

And another one: "2 knocks and one long buzz. for entry that is..not my summing up of 2008. all the best for the season by the way etc".

Then the party started and Emmied wrote: "Tonights still going strong. Peter and a lot of the crowd are still there. I just left about 10 minutes ago and just got in. Top night Played quite a bit of Libs stuff. About 40 people there maybe...can't be sure the exact amount though".

Summary by Powermonkey: "Well, that was an odd one. Couple of Peter songs, including a truly lovely version of The Needle And The Damage Done - albeit almost wrecked by morons having a really loud conversation and a game of pool. Next up, Andy Boyd and another fellow whose name I didn't catch, then a bit more Peter, then some iPod DJ stylee, then Ben Bailey and Daisy Pagan (who were really good). Then some more Peter, then some random awful people did a song, then some more Peter. Next up, some random fellow playing some kind of Indian ukelele thing, and that's when I did one, although I believe Peter came back out to play some more. All rather strange. Fun, but strange. Really fucking tragic that they left the pool table there, and people noisily played all the way through the night. But what the hell, people are cunts. Anyhoo, good fun, always an absolute pleasure to see so many familiar folks, Peter-addicts one and all".

And again from Emmied: "When I got there ,there were other people/bands singing live and then there were a few songs to fill on the old stero and then Peter played about 4 or 5 songs on guitar but the police were circling apparently. Peter said they had asked for the music to be turned down so he stopped. But he went back on a bit later played some Libs stuff then - don't look back into the sun, what Katie did and some others, a few babyshambles. I can remember merry go round and love you but you're green...but the 'pop' has clouded the rest! the best ten pounds I've spent in a long time when i left Peter was playing a song to a few kids hung around the door way at the back, top night".

Thanks everybody for the reports. I'll be back.

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