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More New Year stuff

Message from Babybear on FDW:
"Just to say I hope (most) of you have a great time this Hogmanay! Looking forward to a very productive year next year .... Can't wait for the solo album to come out to hear your reactions .... That's gonna be interesting! May spark some lively debate but personally I think it's fantastic! Adam sets out on his first full scale tour with Roses Kings Castles. Drew'll be doing his Mongrel thing also. There'll be solo Peter solo shows and festivals and full band shows and festivals .... I'm sure Drew and Adam will be popping up at festivals with their own projects too. An embarrassment of riches awaits you guys in 2009 and I hope you all enjoy it. Once more, HAPPY HOGMANAY! bb."
Happy 2009 to you too Adrian. And keep up with the good work.
I'm glad that Carlos Barrrrat snubbed the fucked up London scene's nye celebrations and went to Edinburgh with his Glasvegas pals. says: "Carl Barat appeared onstage with Glasvegas as they played Edinburgh's annual Hogmanay celebration last night (December 31).The former Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things man arrived on the Waverley Stage in the Scottish capital's streets near the end of the band's set, with him and frontman James Allan singing a version of 'We'll Meet Again', made famous during World War II by Dame Vera Lynn and more recently by Johnny Cash. Barat then provided backing guitar on the closing 'Daddy's Gone' to huge applause and a mass singalong from the crowd". I assume Carl is trying to get familiar with the Glasvegas buffs in view of the US dates. Innit? There's also a video of his appearance but it's not too clear.
And now it's enough with new year. Let's look ahead OK? Later!

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