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Proud Gallery at

Today has some gorgeous pictures taken from the Proud Gallery, two of which are Peter's. The caption of the photo above says: "Pete Doherty, photographed by John Wright. The Babyshambles frontman is a new addition to the Proud Galleries archives in 2008. Rumours of a potential Libertines reunion in 2009 have been stoked by the recent split of Dirty Pretty Things, the band fronted by Doherty's former Libertines bandmate Carl Barat".

The NME special Christmas issue (out tomorrow) has also a poster showing Peter and Carl from the famous article of Christmas 2003 (below).

Speaking of the Libertines, read this beautiful review of Up The Bracket I found in the net.

Back to the present, there's a third article talking of Peter's album coming out on 9 March. Guess what, it's French: "Selon le label EMI, le premier album solo de Pete Doherty sortira le 9 mars prochain. Parallèlement à sa carrière avec les Babyshambles, le leader a donné régulièrement des concerts solo en acoustique en 2008".

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