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All the Shambles at 126

Photo by ProperBo

Mik, Drew and Adam joined Peter last night at his Commercial Road gig (plus Kyle Falconer, who sang Sedative). Peter wandered in and out (mostly out though), played the usual "solo" stuff and then let the band keep playing while he interacted with fans and friends backstage. Highlight of the night was "The man who came to stay". Drew (short hair and nail polish) took lead vocals on "Ocean". We have very beautiful photos by Joshua (who didn't like the gig at all!). I'm not too sure about it... if he does something like this at the Rhythm Factory people will chop his head off, but since it was at the old Commie Road I think I can take it.

Speaking of the RF gig on the 20th, it seems earlier that night Peter will play with Chas and Dave at the Tap'n'Tin. Tickets are at £30 (here). This is fucking weird, but if Peter happens to be on a good day he can surely make it.

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