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Little men what now?

It’s been quite an eventful year for our heroes. New songs, lots of gigs, side projects, collaborations, so many exciting things to talk about. But also many downers, break ups, fights, law trouble, illness and discontent. But once again, has it ever been any different with Peter and Carl?
No, of course.
As 2008 is quickly wrapping up, let’s have a look at the state of the nation.

Peter, the Handsome Devil
In 2008, Peter has endured a pleasant sojourn in HRH’s gaol, some missed gigs and some missed trains (just to remind everyone who He is!), some redtops assaults, some fights with the most detestable elements of his fanbase, and also with his entourage. But the guerrilla gigs (sort of) have come back with a vengeance and Peter’s improvised appearances in the most unlikely places (and at the most unlikely hours!) have probably represented the highlights of this year. Products? None, if you don’t count a handful of bizarre homemade videos, and the much anticipated solo album, which is still… under construction. All in all, it’s not been a bad year for Bilo. The last photos show him in a goodish form, and 2009 looks like a promising time.

Carlos, the Boy With The Thorn in His Side
In 2008, Carl Barat has endured the breakup of his band, another more private breakup, two hospitalizations, an impressive weight loss, dubious reviews and a tremendous commercial flop. Talk about a crap year… Products? “Romance at Short Notice” (CD), “Tired of England” (single) and “Telstar” (movie). Highs? The Glastonbury “solo” adventure. Lows? All the rest. They say your art gets better when your life goes downhill. If that’s true (and I tend to believe it is), in 2009 Carl will be releasing his masterpiece. Alone, of course. Or…

The Others
No, not the (amazing) Nicole Kidman movie. The others are:

Drusillo McConnell. The old Deer Eyes is as active as ever. On political and musical front. His band Helsinki played some gigs for LMHR and other anti BNP organizations, and his new band Mongrel is on the rise. Plus, another project is looming, The Bottletop Band (with Carl), and of course his daytime job with Babyshambles is still dominant. He’s also shagged Antonia Campbell Hughes and written tunes for BBC shows! Can you ask for more?

The Sweet Adam. The Ficek has had a great year too! He’s ventured outside his cocoon (i.e. Babyshambles) and started his project “Roses Kings Castles”, playing numerous gigs inside and outside UK. He’s even planning some dates in US! Products? An album, "Roses, Kings, Castles", and 3 singles. The last one, “Horses” has just been released. The NME slagged it off. Do we care? No! We love Adamski!

Mik Whitnall. How was his 2008? Ahem nearly as crap as Carl’s. A court hearing is waiting for him in a few days, and he’s lost his temper once too many. He’s also had some trouble in his private life, and maybe hanging with Miss Amy was not a good move at all, Mikster. We wanna see you back on form, OK?

GAAAAARRRRRRRYYYY!!! The nicest man alive might have lost his daytime job but he’s still as jolly as ever. Maybe the greatest link between the post-Libertines gang and the fans, he’s done his best to communicate his feelings to the disgruntled buffs after DPT’s demise, even popping up at the band’s official forum numerous times, trying to listen to everyone’s opinion and keeping his cool. A parallel career in the record spinning department provided some pleasant nights around the country, and will probably constitute his dominant activity in the next year. Unless…

Didz Hammond. DPT’s bass player has managed to put on a brave face in front of the band’s collapse, and he’s kept his discontent under control. It must not have been easy. He saved the day with many appearances as a DJ (with Carlos or alone) and it seems he knows how to make people dance off their bloody feet! He’ll probably keep doing that in 2009 as well, unless a Cooper Temple Clause reunion is on the cards, which would not be bad at all.

Anthony “Stan” Rossomando. Ach. Coming third in the crap year chart. The handsome axeman missed some gigs, was unable to control his temper at DPT’s breakdown, he also suffered trouble in his private household and sought solace in various delightful substances. He also had his mobile nicked, poor love! The songs penned by him (Chinese Dogs and Faultlines) were good but could do nothing to avoid the record’s commercial debacle. He’s probably going to do some production work in the new year, but we’d like to see him on a stage again every now and then.

John Hassall! He’s done well, hasn’t he? The record was not a great success but the single was on a high rotation on MTV2, and the gigs had a good reception. He’s also played with Drew lately and popped up to see DPT a few times. We didn’t forget you Johnny…

Libertines-wish. Has it disappeared? No, it’s stronger than ever, sometimes verging on Libertines-craving. Carl and Peter has seen each other quite often but most on a private level. Many dedications to each other from the stage happened. Some mournful calls in the press did not pass unnoticed. A very small impromptu reunion occurred in September. A recently missed Parisian chance is still making us nervous. But we have patience, you know, Bilo and Biggles? You’ve suffered jail, illness and breakups? Ha. We’ve suffered the Libertines absence for another year.


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Optimistic use of "quite often"! Maybe really not so often in the normal understanding of the term...

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my 2009 wish?