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Pre-Chrissie shenanigans

Drew writes to FDW (Using Peter's account):
"Hello there ladies and germs. We're doing another "jam" night at Boston Arms opposite Tufnell Park tube on Tuesday, last bash up before Christmas shoots its load in our faces. We have a few special guests, the ever ready Kyle Falconer among the number of mongrel mates playing a wee set. Mikey Blue Eyes should be making an appearance too, and more besides. I should stress the "jam" nature of the last slot of the night as last month I don't think people quite knew what we meant- we actually want anyone and everyone to get up, grab a guitar/bass/keyboard/violin/harmonica/microphone etc and play with us. I know it sounds like it could descend into cacophony but hey...why not? a bit of noise never hurt anybody and if it doesn't make you dance at least it'll probably make you laugh. so feel free to bring an instrument or if you're a budding mc bring some bars, lets end north london's year by charging our glasses, shaking our battys and laughing a little. Thanks as always to you lot, our little tribe, our people. Come say hello if you spot my spindly frame lurking about on tuesday x drew"
Update: "The ONLY way to get into this show is by being on the free guest list. To get on the list you need to email and put in the subject line "Mongrel Soundclash". You must put the names of people you want to be on the list in the email.
Please note the list is first come first served. Just because you are on the list does not mean you will get in if the venue is already at capacity.
The night runs from 9pm until 2am. Other than that it's what Drew said".

Plus! Another French site gives the date of March 9th for the release of Peter's album, also hinting at a series of gigs at the Hexagone around the same time (here). I guess the French seem to know more about it cause the album was partly done over there. Whatever. It's great to have a release date no matter what.


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