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Peter makes up for Tuesday night

Excellent show, all the Shambles up for the ride, nearly one hour and half of great music. Can you ask for more? Yes, I ask things like Tuesday's gig don't happen anymore. Peter is not in an easy position at the moment, a lot of his old fans seem to have moved on, and new fans are often confused by his behavior. Guerrilla gigs are great when they are friendly, low budget affairs, not when people have to fork out 20 quid to see someone doing a walkabout, spinning a few scratched vinyls and speeding off to enjoy his fast earned money. On the contrary, last night gig was again one of those things for which you fell in love with Peter many years ago. Adam sums the night up in his blog: "Much better this time, we played a good set and it was far more together so I’m happy, although I have somehow managed to damage my leg muscle, it feels a little numb". So, I think we all agree this time, OK? Peace.

I have no news yet about the Jail Guitar Doors feast, I only know that Drew was there before joining the rest of the Shambles at 126.

It seems there's a tentative date for the release of Peter's album, and it's March 9. The info comes from France, and particularly here (in case you know something about it, Adrian, please give a little sign).

Of course, guys, take all this info with caution. The German dates (in May 2009) I gave you a few days ago are not confirmed at all, and Adrian is very doubtful about them. When anything is confirmed I always say "it's officially confirmed". Otherwise, it's to be taken as a vulgar rumor.

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Rhubarb said...

All you guys that slagged shambles gig on Tuesday can fuck right off!!! Last night was a gig to fucking remember!
F U C K F O R E V E R ! ! !