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Peter in Liverpool

The good news is that Peter is fine and last night played a gig at the Liverpool Academy as expected. The bad news is that we have no photos nor videos. But our friend Properbo gave us a quick review complete with setlist:
"Pete came on whilst The Bandits were playing with two red "Libertines Jackets" and murmured down the microphone "This is the reunion of the year! Wait... is it still 2008?" before giving the jackets to the band much to everyones bemusement. Played a decent set of songs, including: Time For Heroes, Up The Bracket, What A Waster, Breck Road Lover, Last Post On The Bugle, The Ha Ha Wall, What Katie Did, Cyclops, Side Of The Road, Unstookietitled, Fuck Forever, Albion, A Message To You Rudy (and parts of another two Specials songs), What She Said, Love Me Do. Also played some new ones which I'd heard before (1939? Last Of The English Roses?) and some which I didn't recognise. Was really good, although there was quite a lot of whirlpooling going on. And it wasn't in Academy 2 as advertised, but Academy 1".

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