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Clash interviews Peter too


As for the solo album (we're all starting to wait for with the usual anxiety), Jake Fior made clear in a recent interview that Peter fired him and called Stephen Street back. "The reason it [the album] wasn’t completed with me" said Jake "came down to Pete wanting to take control of the project and use the same team he had for “Shotters Nation...”.

In any case, I hope your arm is getting better, you little sucker...

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King_leer said...

Thanks for passing by in my blog. Libs were one of my favourites. I saw one of their last concert in Lisbon, with Anthony replacing Pete.

Carl will be with Glasvegas touring in the US. You have a couple of posts in my blog about Glasvegas, one i think is's about Geraldine(their tune).

Bye, spread the word, i'll do the same and Happy New Year to you and your familly.