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Help "The Road to Albion"

Well, I'd do anything to see this movie finshed. But apparently the production is still under the weather and now the film is expected to be done in spring 2009. So, Annabelle is posting this in various Libertines related places: "Pictures of Peter as limited edition prints for sale for first time! There are also great pictures of Shane Mac Gowan and Carl. They can be delivered in time for Christmas and with beautiful gift boxes. think of". The site where you can see (and buy) the photos is the same where the film trailer was... before being withdrawn. It seems "Peter has an active role in The road to Albion movie. The sells will help to finish the movie".
Of course, even if the trailer was removed from the site, we've still got it (thanks to Laurastwelve). And it still looks awesome.


behindthelense said...

hey cool blog, shame it looks like theres a big chance the road to albion wont be seen after robyns death and dohertys suspected involvement

maxine said...

Dont be so sure, just because Robin is'nt here in body, her spirit of adventure, and her brilliant film making will live on, and i have no doubt that film will be released some day, and i should know, i am her sister........