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Peter's secret acoustic gig tomorrow

French Dog Writtles is down, so thanks to Powermonkey for the info:

"East London Monday night. 20 sheets - guestlist only. email for yer spot/spots. 150 capacity".
The address should be: Commercial Road, 126.

One more bit:

Carl's acting debut "Telstar" was premiered last night at the London Film Festival. Carletto Barattolo showed up (see photo). Apparently not on death's door anymore (hypochondria, anyone?).


Vally said...

Carletto Barattolo... LOL
by the way, ur blogs great! ;)

Are u italian arent u?

EZ said...

Madò sì che sono italiana!

Vally said...

Sei la meglio! :D

ti lascio il mio indirizzo msn, se ti va di fare 2 chiacchiere!


p.s. Ma ci vai da Pete stasera??

EZ said...

No, sono in Sardegna fino a metà novembre, purtroppo.