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Monday Monday so good to me

DPT's Farewell Tour goes on:
Cheers to our friend Liam from Glasgae, who spent Saturday night with Carl and his minder Mario until 9 am of Sunday morning, and although he promised us lots of saucy piccies and videos we haven't seen any yet!
Kidding. We know Carlos doesn't want to be seen in the nude!

And cheers also to our lovely Drusillo, who played a great show supporting Albert Hammond Jr last night at The Scala.
"Was a bloody great night!" says Bella from FDW "I absolutely love AHJ - what a sweetie. Helsinki were absolutely amazing. Loving this band so much. I don't remember them having quite so many people before?? Last night there was a drummer and a percussionist. Started off with Ampersand. Unfortunately no singing in Spanish or French or Mongolian or whatever other language Drew can sing in! Really enjoyed their set, and the whole night. To be honest, Helsinki are so good I'm wondering how long they're going to stay a side project........ Or what I mean is that I think they're too good to stay a side project".
It seems Peter is not playing at London Matter this Saturday. At least, the site of the event does not name him in the line up. And of course, he's not playing Manchester either on the 8th.
7 Academy 2, Manchester
8 Metropolitan University, Leeds
9 Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton
11 Keele University, Newcastle
12 The Junction, Cambridge

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