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The Northern Bus

Peter missed it, but made up for that later:
Pete Doherty failed to show up for a gig in Manchester last night (October 3). The singer was set to play at The Ritz but pulled out at the final hour.According to the Manchester Evening News he cancelled the show because of "illness". The gig is due to be rescheduled next Wednesday (October 8).Doherty is also set to appear at London Matter next Saturday (October 11). The Babyshambles singer had performed the previous night (October 2) at Hackney Empire after dates in Middlebrough, Coventry and Bournemouth.
WARNING: Adrian said the Manc gig will be rescheduled but NOT on the 8th. My bad for believing the NME once again. Sori.
Carlos didn't miss it at all. Setlist :
Wondering - Kicks or Consumption - Doctors and Dealers - Hippy Son - Bloodthirsty Bastards- Playboys - Come Closer - The Enemy - Chinese Dogs - Gentry Cove - Plastic Hearts -You fucking love it -Truth Begins - Deadwood // Blood on my shoes - BURMA - Bang Bang you're dead.
Plus! There's a message from the lovely Drew on FDW. Read on:
"Hello. uh, writing in capitals in the subject area always FEELS LIKE YOU'RE SHOUTING FOR NO APPARENT REASON doesn't it. yes yes i know i need to get my own log in but i don't even own a computer anymore let alone have the internet so these visits to coffe shops in Finchley don't seem to justify it. now. I'M PLAYING WITH ALBERT HAMMOND JR ON SUNDAY sorry started shouting again there. I'm terribly excited, I've got the weirdest bunch of people to play with me and I'm so giddy i accidentally just skipped into Argos and bought a juicer. Mr "John The Motherfucking Reverend", as he introduces himself as in telephone conversations, will be joining me there and also later that night in the Lock Tavern. is it the Lock Tavern? Good. Yes. um. Come along, dance, drink, laugh. Summers over but we all know Winter's what we do best. Love love Drew x x x x"

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