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Peter at The Woodberry Tavern, 16/10

Photo by Wolfman (the bloke on FDB, not the real one!)

Sorry General, for not trusting you. The gig was a real thing.

"He was wonderful tonight" says SarahB "best gig since the torriano, He was having such a good time, smiley, interactive and cheeky and played really fucking well. Was well worth the wait. The magic is back (for me anyway)"
"Smashing (while it lasted!), Grimaldi and Arcady were definitely the highlights for me" says Greenlove "I wasn't overly excited by the rest of the set list, but he played wonderfully. Peter seemed far more precise with his guitar work than the last few gigs, and he actually looked like he was enjoying himself! (was this same Peter from the last rhythm factory outings? surely not..!). Alan Wass was great as well, as was Ballad Of A Thin Man on the pavement outside!"

Setlist by Wolfman: Arcady - For Lovers - Killamangiro - half of Smashing - Unbilotitled - Time For Heroes - The Delaney - Ballad of Grimaldi - There She Goes - Baddie's Boogie - Albion Music - When The Lights Go Out - What Katie Did

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