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DPT's The Day After and the Hackney gig

  • Didz speaks!
  • Photo gallery at the NME: The Life and Times of Carl Barat.
  • Poor Carlos: even James Allan turns against him (here).
  • Kirsty and Kirsty are announcing the death of DPT's official site, and the upcoming birth of a new Libertines site,
  • Of course, that's got nothing to do with a "possible future reunion of the Libertines" (ha).

    Peter did not comment on his friend's latest adventures. But don't forget the man is playing tonight at the Hackney Empire.
Peter Doherty & Friends
2 October 2008
Venue: Main House
Price(s): £20 (booking fees apply; £3.50 online, £2.50 over the phone)
Peter Doherty returns to enjoy the intimate stage of Hackney Empire for a special one off performance. Bringing a variety of fantastic talent with him, the concert is part of the Hackney Empire Music Programme.
Launched on the day of the concert, an exhibition of Peter Doherty's recent and previously unseen work will be shown in the Hackney Empire Hospitality Room throughout October.


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