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Drew and Carl together for charity

So, thanks to Arturo for the tip. This looks like it could be something exciting, more than just another side project for Drew, or a final outlet for Carlos... Anyway, the twosome have started a supergroup together with Jon McClure (in Italy we call people like him "prezzemolo", i.e. parsley, because it's featured in every dish), Mat Helders (Arctic Monkeys), Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream) and others. The name of the supergroup is "The Bottletop Band". An album is expected next year. In reality, the Bottletop Band is a collaborative project devised by the Bottletop charity and clothing brand Fenchurch. The idea is that a selection of talented musicians and producers come together and produce an album, in support of Bottletop’s charity work.
So, I think these are the recordings Carl was referring to in his blog entry of two weeks ago. The thought of he and Drew working together is rather titillating, and I'm sure something great will come out from this collaboration.

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tallulah said...

Carl should be working with Peter... but this is maybe a step into that direction. I hope so :D