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I have a new fellow blogger

Welcome on board Carlos. The man has started writing his blog here. Given his reputation I guess this will be the one and only entry for quite a while, but you know, don't ever lose faith in love and music. Interesting bits toward the end:

Monday 20th October
I've never taken the time to make a blog until now, but as the tourniquet of technology tightens around my idle archaic universe, I feel it may be time to put dear old Mr Pascoe's IT lessons into practice once and for all. In this blog, with any luck you should find a vaguely comprehensive if occasionally romanticised window overlooking the varied vistas of my week. This should cover music, inspirations in general, random derring do and whatever I remember or deem significant...
I'm sat at the head of a cheap plywood boardroom table at the back of the student's union. Stage time is looming as is a repeat performance of a hastily downed chicken dhansak. I'm racking my brains to recall 20 unsigned bands, both of promise and of the moment. I'm nearly there. My bandmates are getting vaguely heated over the set list and breaking my concentration. The student metal band will be offstage in a minute and I must take to my calling, curry permitting.
What have I been up to recently? I've been in the studio with the Reverend Jon Mclure working on a couple of tracks on my own, I wanted them to be completely without guitar, and so they ended up more like Nico meets the Prodigy than whatever I was expecting. Interesting start though. I popped into the Prince of Wales pub to watch Pete (Doherty) do a gig and ended up jumping on stage with him for a few sweaty numbers. (Thus erroneously igniting the old "libertines must be reuniting" touchtape). Also James from Glasvegas kindly invited me to Transylvania to sing on a Christmas record and we celebrated long and heartily. Then there are The Chavs to speak of, but alas I'm out of words and stage time is here.
Soonest, dear sweet blog. X

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