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More from last night

Wow wow, it must have been a blast! And it's on again tonight!

Pete Doherty played a gig last night (October 27) with his Babyshambles bandmates Adam Ficek and Mick Whitnall at a flat in east London. The Whitechapel gig was advertised on internet forums, with fans paying £20 through a cage door at the front of the private flat to gain entry. Doherty played at one end of the sparse main room, with a makeshift bar set up at the other. The singer/guitarist began playing at about 9pm (BST). Ficek, who performs under the alias Roses, Kings, Castles, also performed solo songs during the show. Fans sang along and joined in the show throughout, until around 10:45pm (GMT) when, while performing a cover of the rock standard once covered by The Beatles, 'Twist And Shout', Doherty tore through the crowd to the backstage area. Whitnall and Ficek played Babyshambles' 'I Wish' to end the show.

Jamie Fullerton writes:

You know that weed factory the toffs run in 'Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels'? With the jail rails surrounding the door, the cut-price security camera trained on the entrance and the constant stream of undesirables? It was a bit like that at the Pete Doherty gig in a distinctly dodgy Whitechapel flat I went to last night. We heard the strumming from the road.

Working on the assumption that Pete shows generally don't begin before the kind of hour at which most people are sound asleep dreaming of a Libertines reunion (OK, maybe that's just some of us), myself and snapper James Quinton arrived at the flat after an internet tip-off at about 10:30pm. Just after I turned the video camera off for the above shot we had to part company with £20 each to allow the jail doors to swing open. Inside was a large, bare flat with a makeshift bar at one end and a huddled crowd of around 100 people at the other. A trilby was bobbing up and down somewhere in the middle, and what sounded a bit like the rock classic 'Twist And Shout', famously covered by The Beatles, could be heard through the fuzz-box amp.

Video by Docile33 (Ocean).

And Dropper, our secret agent in Havana, said about tonight:

"same time, same place email me if you'd like to reserve tickets or just turn up. The sound should be better tonight and there'll be some other bands playing including some Cazals".

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