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Some Peter news

  • First of all, the video posted earlier this morning is NOT the official video, OK? "It's a teaser" Babybear said "Official vid to come directed by Douglas Hart (Jesus And Marychain)". Good to know (this News of The World exclusive was rather puzzling anyway).
  • Peter is throwing his arms around Paris once again. In the next days he's going to appear on French TV, namely "he's going to play few songs on Cuisine Tv and then an interview for the Tv Show Midi les Zouzous" (thanks to Al for the tip), and (apparently) also on Taratata. Cuisine TV should be something like Ready Steady Cook (or, for my local fellows, La Prova Del Cuoco). That should be a laugh.
  • As the promotional machine is starting to warm up, there are also some speculations about Peter appearing at the San Remo Festival (from 17th to 21st February), particularly on the Friday night (i.e. the 20th). I can't tell you anything more since I haven't watched the San Remo Festival since 1982 (i.e. when I was 1). But, we'll see!
  • As for the last failed show at 126 of last Friday, the only explanation given was that the venue received a visit from the boys in blue early in the afternoon, who decided the show was not going on. Dropper (our secret agent in Havana) said the gig MIGHT be rescheduled next Friday (Paris permitting).
That's all for now. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

he's going to play few songs on Cuisine Tv and then an interview for the Tv Show Midi les Zouzous"

actually Al was only joking. Peter will not perform in these shows. ;)

Vally said...

Io ancora devo farmi una ragione di Sanremo...

EZ said...

Sanremo is not confirmed. According to BB it's just a rumour.
And yeah of course Cuisine TV was a joke (but I was tempted to believe it after I saw Liam Gallagher on Gordon Ramsay) :D