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Salome, a sink and lots of blood (click on the image to enlarge it). Crude? Yup but stylish! Because Peter is one of the stylish kids in the riot, I mean in the world, at least according to GQ Magazine:
"Likes crack; digs heroin. Frequent run-ins with the law. But used to shag Kate Moss! What else is there to say about Pete Doherty? One more thing: He’s always had, for worse more than better, a certain authenticity. Rock ’n’ roll may be dying, but for now he’s the only bona fide let’s-dial-it-back-to-1972 rock star we’ve got. Other rockers look his part or act his part, or sport the lank hair and wet-Play-Doh complexion, but Pete actually does the drugs and has the sex. And in so doing, he provides us with that all-important figure: the young wastrel we sort of envy but we’re glad we’re not. As an old girlfriend of Pete’s once said in a British newspaper: “It is difficult for his friends to tell him he is going wrong in his life, because he’s been dating one of the world’s most beautiful women, he’s got a top-ten single with his band, and he’s on the front of every newspaper in this country". Fashion tip: Just because you’re wearing a suit doesn’t mean you can’t wear boots. But we’re not talking businessman suits—we’re talking slim-cut, rock-guy getups".
And now something about Salome, oops, I mean Carl Barat: the man, recently spotted at the Klaxons' secret gig at the Old Blue Last, has announced a second solo gig in Wakefield. "Former Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things man Carl Barat has announced that he will play a second live date at the Wakefield Escobar next month" says "Barat's first performance will now be on March 6, after the previously-announced March 7 date sold out". For more information go here.

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Sonyana said...

I thought Kate was Salome, and Carl was John the Baptist?