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Peter on Facebook

From Adrian:
Hi All, if you're on facebook you may want to sign up here.
This is the official page concerning Peter and his new album, Grace/Wastelands. There are so many pages on Facebook purporting to be Peter .... it's quite annoying. So we have made this one which at least you know you can trust for correct info and having at least a semblance of something to do with Peter. Just to let you know we have not requested any of the others to be taken down as part of our efforts but I believe some may have been removed by Facebook. That's their business not mine. So sign up folks. Over 1,500 new mates in less than a day. Quite encouraging. We'll also have a spanking new myspace page for the album up in a jiffy and something called Bebo. I doubt there will be a Twitter page because Twitter is essentially shite. Thanks to Morocco Mole for his sterling efforts in helping me with this new-fangled gubbins.
Pip Pip.

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