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More from last night

The radio interview with Peter and Carl is downloadable here.

Thanks a lot to the people at Libs Daily for their effort in decyphering and writing down the mumbles:

NME: Pete, it was lovely to see you win that award. In fact, now live on NME radio we're playing your song!
P: Oh yeah? Lovely.
NME: So, does it mean a lot to you to win that? You've got Carl behind you... It's been a tough year and a half for you, really.
P: Yeah, you know, in and out of jail... turning up late for probation... cats are playing up... but, yeah, managed to get a few tunes down, with the help of Stephen Street, Graham Coxon, Dot Allison, the Wolfman, Mik, Adam, Drew, and John Robinson from The Bandits, who've made it into the record and... yeah, hopefully it's being recognized and... awarded!
NME: Now you're fiddling with the Award you've got in your hand... How -
P: I've complained years ago about it! You know, NME, you know, great British institution - two fingers, surely? (woman's laughter heard in background)
NME: I think that's supposed to be a little more extreme! Pete, how much did it mean for Blur to hand over your award to you? That was an amazing moment for me to watch.
P: I dunno, how much did it mean for him to hand over the award, but his other bandmates who were playing a tune, you know? I dunno... Hello, who's this?
NME: Oh, and there's Carl, as well. A few years ago I would have had the Libertines in front of me, but I'm not allowed to say that now... Carl -
C: The Libertines are in front of you, what are you talking about?
NME: Okay, so it's still the Libertines in front of me. I saw you out there, when Pete went up to get his Award, Carl, you looked quite, sort of, emotional about that.
C: Yeah, I know, I felt - I felt I might have left the oven on.
NME: (laughter) So, apart from leaving the oven on, what does it mean for you to be here tonight at the NME Awards, still going strong, and will we see you performing together soon?
P: Oh I’ve just been trying to twist his arm about that one, like, y’know? I’m the one who’s been getting emotional...
C: I don’t know about that, pal...
P: ...I’m the sensitive one...
C: Because he doesn’t leave the oven on. Alright, alright, if you go and see this guru… That - that was a joke.
P: That's not true though, is it?
C: No it's not! Well, it's obviously hogwash!
P: That's what I was told!
C (to the interviewer's inaudible question): I read it, I read it, yeah. I want to meet him!
P: He doesn't exist, then?
C: The guru? No, no, I was talking about a marriage guidance counsellor!
NME: What about the cats? Can you offer any advice about his cats?
P: Two factions have formed, the good cats and the bad cats. I didn't just want to kill the bad cats, that's wrong, so I took them to the woods, but... they found their way back to the house. (To Carl:) You should come and see my house, Carl. I've said that before.
C: Are you still there? They say it's a dump.
P: Huh?
C: They say it's a dump!
P: The Daily Star!
C: Ah...
NME: Ah, Daily Star...
C: (???) it's a dump, I've lived with you before.
NME: So you were offered a lot of money to perform together again this year, which isn't going to happen, but what next? What next, come on?
P: What next? 2010, innit?
C: Yeah, but we'll do it for nothing.
NME: You'll do it for nothing?
C: Didn't say what, exactly. (laughter)
P: Ten pennies and half a Cronenberg, that's something, innit - if Stella McCartney married David Cronenberg, she'd be Stella Cronenberg.(laughter of incomprehension)
C: That's a good thought.
NME: So, we love "Last of the English Roses," and looking forward to the album coming out. Any advice to all your fans out there listening, who haven't heard from you in person for a while?
P: Really? They have. Er, buy it, I suppose, yeah. Why not? I’m going to. Be like me.
NME: So, Pete wins Best Solo; Carl, what's going on in your life at the moment? (laughter)
C: ...Fucker. (laughter) Well, I don't know, man. I always put Peter forth as a little guinea pig, and, er, I dunno, he's (done good?), Best Solo, that works out, I'll do that next year. Lovely. *comedic cough*
P: We're all looking forward to Carl's solo album, hm? Not more than me.
NME: So that's Pete saying he's looking forward to Carl's solo album. Thank you guys, you're being moved on, but it's lovely to talk to you. Pete, well done. Thank you.

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