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Gigs looming

"Secret low key show in Dundee at the Doghouse on Feb 25th 2008" said Babybear "Tickets are first come first served in a local butcher's shop I think. First time on the East coast for a while. The venue only holds three hundred so I think we may have a suitable night of mayhem and melody".
SOS 4.8 Festival, La Fica (oh God... do you know what that means in Italian?), Spain, 1-2 May.
Peace and Love Festival, Borlange, Sweden, 22-27 June (or is Peter alone?)
And Carlos Barraatt:
CARL ANNOUNCES FIRST U.K.SOLO DATE in Wakefield. Carl hits the Merrie City on March 7th with a gig at Escobar. Also on the bill are Wakey's very own Last Gang, Kieran Leonard and Danny Allison. Tickets available from Ticketweb. Owing to the kennel-like proportions of Escobar, tickets are likely to sell out sharpish.
Of course, there's also Peter's tour, starting on 22 February.

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