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Oh Peter... (shakes head and laughs)

Peter is in the cover of the new NME (see above). The preview says: "We take a romantic trip to Paris with Pete Doherty, where he muses on the three great loves of his life: drugs, Kate and Carl. Meanwhile, you can download a free Pete track and watch a video interview over on the Daily Download."

Meanwhile you can have an idea what the article is about from Metro:
Pete Doherty says a reunion with his old band The Libertines is set to become reality after receiving a staggering offer of £2million from festival organisers.
The druggie claims he and former bandmate, Carl Barat, are set to end years of bitter feuding to cash in on the offer. But there's one bizarre condition - Pete has his 'darkness' levels measured.He let details of the money-spinning deal slip after he was interviewed on the tattered state of their relationship.
Asked if they were speaking again, Pete told the NME: 'We had some ridiculous offers to headline Reading. £2million to headline this festival, £1million to headline that festival and I said, 'Why don't we just do it? Let's get the old band back together.''
But Doherty says while he can't resist the cash, Carl actually wants the reunion to be about 'friendship' more than money. Pete reveals: 'He said, 'Yeah, but we can't travel in separate cars.' 'Well, why would we?' and he said, 'We have to be friends, we can't just do it for the money.''I said, 'OK, well let's be friends! Friends who go and make lots of money together' y'know, because I haven't got any money and I know he's skint. '
Revealing Barat's deal breaker, Doherty reveals: 'I shouldn't tell this to you… he said I had to go and see an energy consultant, like some new-age guru who is going to measure my energy levels and see if I'm still surrounded by darkness.
'If I am then I'm not allowed to go near Carl because I'll tap into his good energy and as usual I'll sap all the good energy and bring nothing but darkness into his life and all this.Potty Pete's plan to return comes after he fell out with the band back in 2003 after reportedly breaking into Barat's flat. He formed his own group Babyshambles, while Barat went on to form the group Dirty Pretty Things.

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