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Carl what're you up to?

photo by ritskayaph

I wish I could post something about The Mighty Carlos nowadays that does not involve any wowing about Glasvegas, but it seems it's a mission impossible. So, last night, Glasvegas won Xfm's New Music Award, thanks to a panel formed by a bunch of musicians including the above mentioned Barat.

"Former Libertine Carl Barat has been talking to Xfm London’s Alex Zane about the process of voting for this year’s Xfm New Music Award. Initially hesitant about the list, Carl found the process of sifting through the ten shortlisted bands a pleasure. It was actually a very tough decision and on the whole it was a joyous recommendation from Xfm listeners.
He was also particularly effusive about the NMA’s eventual winners, Glasvegas.
"The winner has always got to be someone that inspires a generation and the album itself was totally disarming. As a debut it seemed so innocent and inclusive, which made you feel part of a gang. At the same time, it also felt like you were getting flowers fisted down your throat. They’re an incredibly intelligent band and utterly eviscerating”.
James Allan, Glasvegas’s lead singer, was a very gracious winner. Talking to Alex Zane again he said,“The best thing about it is that some of my words and melodies are getting out to other people and that’s a brilliant thing.”.

Hear Carl and James's interview now.

Anyway, DJ Carlos is doing a new set in the following days but not in England. Snow permitting, the man is heading to Belgium, namely Ghent (somebody might know it as Gand), on Friday 6th February, at the Make up Club (Hindu Nights). Main attractions of the night will be The Tatianas, and Carl will be behind the decks with Paul Gallagher. Tickets at 10€. For more info email the club here.

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