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Peter wins Best Solo Artist Award...

... and leaves us with a promise.

From "Speaking at the Shockwaves NME Awards after picking up the award Doherty said in an exclusive video, that he planned to record more solo material and keep his current band Babyshambles going, as well as reforming The Libertines. "I've written and recorded a solo record," he said. "There's probably another on the way, there's an amazing 'Shambles record on the way, and The Libertines is gonna happen in the next couple of years, by hook or by crook.He added: "I don't twist it [Carl Barat's arm] too far. He doesn't take kindly to it. He's not harder than me, but he's got a nasty streak, twist it too far and it'll snap."

The video can be seen here.

It was a very beautiful night, Peter was awarded with the prize he deservers most, while both he and Carlos lost the Sexiest Male Award to the usual Matt Bellamy. But who cares about such as useless award? Carl was so happy after Peter's victory that he went straight to the Glasvegas gig at Death Disco and crowd surfed, while being held up by Jon McClure (he must have weighed as a feather, given his non-stop shrinking and McClure's shape!).

Oh but Peter, Peter... he was so sharp and beautiful, with a fantastic black suit and hat. Oh God, I wish I could stop smiling all around while thinking about him but I just can't. Wow.

For the record, Peter was with his Babyshambles buddies, and Carl was with Didz and Gary.

It's not hard finding any kind of info on last night's events in the press but of course the most detailed reports are at

I think we'll keep talking about last night for a good while, but at the moment Peter is going south to my country, where he's supposed to be playing at Milan's Alcatraz Club tonight. I'm still in Londinium at the moment so I can't be there but I hope my Italian friends will give us a lot of reports.



Tessa said...

There's a transcript of P&C's joint radio interview here: transcript

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Yup. Just copied it.