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Something random

  • Adam Ficek, who records solo material under the moniker Roses, Kings, Castles, has posted a new song online. Ficek has posted a video of him demoing a new song, 'Brass Winter', on YouTube, but as I write the video is no long available.
  • See Drew playing at Filthy McNasty on Thursday night. Great night it was, and Drew is a top dude. The whole gig was dedicated to Peter (it was before the latest news broke in).
  • NME's Mark Beaumont (yes, that of the missed interview) goes bonkers for DPT's new songs: "[...] the biggest revelation of the night [at Proud] came during Dirty Pretty Things' set. Not just the fact that they played a full electric set where we expected an acoustic evening, but the quality of the new tunes. Stirring and storming by turns they were easily the match of anything on 'Waterloo To Anywhere', and towards the end there was a frustratingly short ballad that was frankly staggering on first listen, possibly the best song Carl Barat has ever been involved with. Not having made notes I'm not exactly sure which of the set-list it was, but listen out for the big ballad on DPT's second album - it'll made statues of war heroes weep". Faultlines, Mark. Innit?
  • Carlos is all over the press today, but nothing really serious. Slagging Coldplay because they allowed a free download of their single ("Fair enough they did it, but you can’t escape the fact that big name, big money bands who release their stuff for free are harming the scene. The industry is struggling financially and this is like missile after missile. How do new bands compete?"), and announcing a job on his denture. Sorry, teeth.
  • Some other redtops announced that the beautiful Amy Winehouse (well, nearly) will join Peter in his rescheduled RAH gig. A source close to Amy, said: "Both of them think that playing at such an incredible venue will be a massive two fingers to their critics - especially in light of their traumatic personal lives." Given that the gig hasn't even been rescheduled and Peter is STILL in gaol... that sounds (and smells) like the biggest tabloid fart of the day.

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