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So, this dirty album...

Photo by Tomoko

OK, sorry about this morning, I just wasn't able to think straight. We'll have time to celebrate, and Adrian is still keeping us at bay because he doesn't want us to be disappointed, but...
Let's talk about Dirty Pretty Things, right? The Mighty Carlos has spilled the beans to the press, and now we have a nearly finished thing.
  • DPT's second album is still untitled (phew).
  • It will be out on 30 June.
  • A single will be released one week earlier, "Tired of England".
  • Three producers have worked for this sodding album: Nik Leman, Graeme Stewart and Ben Wood.
  • The tracklist is the following: 'Buzzards And Crows', 'Hippy Son', 'Plastic Hearts', 'Tired Of England', 'Come Closer', 'Fault Lines', 'Kicks Or Consumption', 'Best Face', 'Truth Begins', 'Chinese Dogs', 'The North', 'Blood On My Shoes'.
A few comments on my behalf: I'm disappointed "9 Lives" didn't make it, but oh well... this album has been talked about and waited on for such a long time I'm almost already tired of it. Kidding. The thing is, are the guys already tired of it? Or maybe, is Carlos? Was this album worth all this wait, all this labour? Despite what many people say, I still think Waterloo to Anywhere was an excellent album. It was rushed, allright, and that was one of the reasons why I loved it. Now we seem to have an-anti Waterloo in our hands. Three producers? My God. A synthesizer? Ach. 9 months to get it done? Such a hard pregnancy. Carlos is saying the album is going to be OK. "It by far outgleams the first one and it has so much more truth in it" he teases. The band's manager says "it's going to blow us away" but nobody cares for him, or ever believes what he says. We've heard different things of course. We've heard of a band at the end of its tether. We've heard of members leaving and coming back. We've heard of the return of the black lady. But nothing of this will be talked about from now on. We have a new album to listen to, and we believe it will be good. From what I've heard Carl has written some pretty good tunes once again. Let's hope the three producers haven't destroyed them too much. As for the Truth... don't even mention it, Carlos.

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