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Friday tips

It looks like a video from the 80s or something that Pete Doherty would post on his youtube channel... but it's not. It's the official video for DPT's upcoming single "Tired of England". Check it out.
DPT also gave an interesting interview to The Independent (here) and have started a "mobile blog" where they're supposed to tell stories from their tours and post videos taken with their mobiles (as you can see, there is one Didz snoozing on the bus and a very blurred hand belonging to Gary Powell). Stached Didz also posted a new entry to the much neglected band diary at the band's official site.
Since Carlos claims he needs "more books" to improve his writing, he might be interested in "Babyshambles: The Official Story", by Spencer Honnibal, due in October 2008, 256 pages long. You can pre-order it here.
Babyshambles are playing tonight at the Brixton Mass. Don't know about special guests, but I hope Pizza has had enough of female teenagers (and of course I'm not talking about Dot, nor Carlos).
Anyway, Carlos is probably djing in Leeds tonight.
Re-anyway, if you just want to have a look at Peter playing drums for Coco Sumner... go here. As you can see the thing occurred at the Jazz After Dark, Wednesday night at 2.00, and with such a gorgeous father I expected Coco to be prettier. But after all, who cares? Enough with Friday gossip. LATER!!!

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