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Panic on the street to Glasgow

"Oh shit where's everybody gone? I have to catch a fucking train!!!"

Tragicomedy a few hours earlier at French Dog Blues. Peter missed his connection to Scotland and went on the forum asking for a lift... until he decided to solve the matter his own way (sorry, not divulging!). As I write I think Adrian has already caught up with him so hopefully everything's going to be fine.

As for the footie, the Shambles lost to Faithless 2-3 in the final game. Peter spoke about the tournament and some other stuff to Gigwise. You can also see a short interview here.
Dirty Pretty Things played in Newcastle last night and this is the setlist (courtesy Alicepooh):
Buzzards and Crows Wondering Doctors and Dealers Tired of England Gin and Milk Last of the Small Town Playboys Chinese Dogs The Gentry Cove The Enemy Hippy’s Son Plastik Hearts Deadwood Bloodthirsty Bastards You Fucking Love it - Fag Break - This is Where the Truth Begins BURMA Bang Bang.

Later with the GLAS-DRAMA update!

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