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Peter arrived in Glasgow on time yesterday, and played his show at the Barrolwlands as expected. Unfortunately his gear (I mean "instrumental gear") did not follow him up and huge sound problems disturbed the show, mainly for the lead guitars.

Here's a review from The Daily Record.

And here's what our friend QPR1974 said about the gig:
"With a crowd half full of idiots expecting a full on, rocking Babyshambles gig, it didn't bode too well to begin with. Peter arrived five minutes after approximated stage time, i.e 9.35. Looking slightly nervy, he swaggered onstage with a crate and a guitar, a bottle of whiskey in hand. He played little to none Babyshambles song. setlist, as far as I can remember, in no order Never never What Katie Did Albion Pipedown Music when the lights go out There She Goes Cant stand me now Time For Heroes Pipey Mcgraw Unbilotitled Dont look back into the sun Tell the king France The Good old days Last post on the bugle/ Delivery Probably more, but the gig was all one passing blur for me. A nice performance for our lad. Sadly had to pick and choose where we stood as the crowd was very raucous, several fights. Lots of pints chucked. Peter had trouble with a guitar lead and had to go off for a small period, at which a lot of people thought he had actually gone for good".
"Whilst I'm lucky to have heard all these songs live (Last of the English Roses and Pipey McGraw/Monkey Casino being two of my absolute favourites)" says don'tneedthesunrise "I couldn't help but feel that the Barrowlands was NOT the venue. As has been previously stated, the crowd were there for a raucous, full blown riot of a gig and just wasn't. It wasn't supposed to be. And I missed the band. But for what it was, Peter played a great collection of songs...very Libertines-centered but it seems to me that he knew the crowd he was playing to and suited their needs. (Personally would've liked to have had few more Shambles tracks but it's not really a time to be greedy.). We were also treated to a lovely cover of "Whatever" by Oasis which was jolly".

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