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Bilo and Biggles at work

DPT in Coventry (photo by Emertont)

Not together (not yet). But. Let's start with Dirty Pretty Things. The Mighty Carlos and his mates played in Coventry last night and today are hitting Liverpool. The Coventry gig went ahead despite Carl being slightly ill, but it looks like it's nothing serious, just some puke here and there.
Libertines fans are splitting up! "Three years and half after the band's break-up, their fans follow in their footsteps" (no link, I'm making it up). Well, that could happen in a few days. On the same night Biggles is playing at the London Astoria, Bilo is taking over the Brixton Mass. From Pete Doherty has announced details of three London club shows set to take place next week (starting May 26). Doherty will play two solo acoustic shows at the Brixton Mass venue, on May 26 and 27. He will then play a show with his band, Babyshambles, on May 30 at the same venue. Tickets for the shows will be available on the door. Stage time for the gigs is 9pm (BST), with fans advised to arrive early. Overlapping? Hard choice? Not really. I'm seeing Bilo on the 26th and Biggles on the 27th and suggest everybody do the same.

But, hey, listen to this: Biggles is supporting prisoners! From Gigwise: Dirty Pretty Things, Billy Bragg and the Bluetones will join forces on the final night of this years Glastonbury Festival in support of prisoner rehabilitation project, Jail Guitar Doors. The initiative was set up by Bragg to put guitars and other musical instruments into prisoners in memory of the late Joe Strummer. The event on the Left Field stage on June 29th will also raise awareness for Real Fits, a scheme that encourages prisoners to get involved in journalism and creative writing. Mark Donne, from Real Fits, said: “Guitar based music is one of the very few conduits still open to working class people seeking to enter the cultural arena.” The special collaboration at Glastonbury will be preceded by a concert at The Round Chapel in Hackney on June 20th with Dirty Pretty Things and Reverend and the Makers.

The Mighty Biggles, sorry, Carlos, has also given a short interview to London daily "Metro". Read on:
Romance at short notice was originally due out last year. Why the delay?
We spent a long time in L.A. not really getting everything done that we wanted to. Then we fell out quite alot, and when we missed another deadline, we all came back to England and pulled our socks up.
What was the cause of in-fighting within the band while you were recording in L.A.?
We didn't like the studio and there were a lot of very late nights. That, plus not really being able to get much recorded because of the [studio] set-up, led to alot of frustration and quite a few fall-outs. But we did manage to let off steam in the desert and Venice Beach.
Did you have any other working titles for the album?
We were going to call it Porn and Guns, but it sounded a bit like a silly Goldie Lookin Chain title.
What are some of the strangest gifts that fans have given you?
We've had digital cameras and used pants in the past. That's rather minging, actually, isn't it? Lots of random things get thrown onstage.
Do you think that you and Pete Doherty will ever make music together again?
Yeah, probably. We both have a love for each other and for the songs, so I'm sure that one day we might do something or other. I'm still wishing him well and I hear he's doing good at the minute.

And with this virtual Bilo & Biggles hug... goodbye.

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