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Last gigs in town

So, back home for Christmas and waiting to cross the pond in the new year... but that's another story. Left the snow behind me, and also the RATM vs X-Factor battle (oh what shall we do to sell more records next time). And the Babyshambles tour has come to a halt after a frenzy week. Today it's court day. Bugger. We'll talk about it later.

For now, enjoy:
a good review of the Birmingham gig (here)
another very good review with videos of the same gig (here)
slide show from Southampton
setlist from last night's gig in Nottingham (thanks to Casterplast, who described the gig as "the best i have seen Babyshambles yet!")
I wish
There She Goes (ALH)
Carry On Up The Morning
What Katie Did
Back From The Dead
Baddie's Boogie
Side Of The Road
Stranger In My Own Skin
Native At The Gates Of Rome
I Wanna Be Adored
Time For Heroes
Beg, Steal Or Borrow
Fuck Forever


Just a Girl said...

Hey, thanks for linking to my blog. It was a fabulous gig!

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