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V Festival

Mixed reactions greeted Peter's appearance at the V Festival (in Chelmsford) last night. Frankly I didn't expect Miss Winehouse to bounce back on the scene like that. Many people really hated their duet (somebody said Time for Heroes was a proper massacre).

Anyway, that's what Jamie Fullerton writes in his blog:
"The rumour sprouted up in the hospitality area mid-afternoon yesterday (August 22). Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse would definitely be collaborating at V Festival. Definitely. They would 100 percent definitely be making cameo appearances on Happy Mondays' Arena tent early evening set.
Really. Professional diligence, of course, had me traipsing over to the Arena to confirm my belief that this was as likely to happen as would be to see Liam and Noel Gallagher sharing the same dressing room.
As predicted, the only spectacle to be witnessed at the show was Shaun Ryder explaining that Bez had quit the band, meaning a maraca-free show, and this his teenage nephew was playing drums. You can't really knock the likes of 'God's Cop' and 'Step On', but really, it was hardly a festival 'moment'. The still-beehived jazz warbler failed to make an appearance with Mr Ryder and his depleted gang, but as you will no doubt have read on NME.COM already, she did find time to get on with The Specials to sing a couple of numbers, then use her lips for a very different purpose with Pete Doherty during his headline Virgin Media Union tent show.
The initial stumble on stage induced Beatle-fan cheers from the crowd, camera-phones flaring up to capture the appearance on wobble-vision. A few words in the Babyshambler's ear, a bit of a smooch, then off. And that was that – a bit of a bonus.
Until 'Time For Heroes', near the end of the show, when she ambled back on in a bit of a state, plonking herself down on Adam Ficek's drum riser, seemingly oblivious to the surely eardrum-stretching thump-thump going on a foot to her right.
Then up again, hugging Pete and pawing at him, urging him to play a guitar solo. "Guitar solo!" she exclaimed. He didn't play a guitar solo, eventually clasping his palm over her gob to muffle her then ship her off stage.
She looked pretty pissed, but then again, the rest of us were too. I guess the difference is if we YouTube search our own names the morning after we don't get the privilege of re-living it over 90 different angles. Thank the lord for small mercies. A festival moment! At V!".

This way to see the video.

"Aside from the impromptu appearance from the jazz-pop singer" writes "Doherty was joined onstage by Stephen Street, who produced his 'Grace/Wastelands' solo album, on guitar, plus Babyshambles duo Drew McConnell and Adam Ficek on bass and drums respectively. The set also saw appearances from singer Dot Allison to duet on 'Sheepskin Tearaway' and John Bandit, formerly of The Bandits, for 'I Am The Rain' – a song he co-wrote.Doherty also covered Talking Heads' 'Psycho Killer' and Chas & Dave's West Ham football anthem 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles'.

Pete Doherty (with a cameo from Amy Winehouse) played:
'Last Of The English Roses', 'A Little Death Around The Eyes', '1939 Returning', 'For Lovers', 'Back From The Dead', 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles', 'Arcady', 'Psycho Killer', 'What A waster', 'I Am The Rain', 'Sheepskin Tearaway', 'Palace Of Bone', 'Music When The Lights Go Out', 'Time For Heroes', 'Albion'.
And after all this, many congrats to The Ficek who's just become a dad!

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