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Summer gossip

We need a bit of relax every now and then don't we.
1. Peter is in Brussels, waiting to play at the Lokersee Festival. Babybear wrote: "What A Lovely Day It Is Here In Brussels! Lovely weather". Peter is on at 23.45, after The Hickey Underworld and Manic Street Preachers. For the record, the DJ set will be by The Hindu Nights, i.e. Paul Gallagher, Phil Smith... and guests (OMG reunionz innit).
2. The Ficek is launching his new EP tonight in a secret location (people got texted, so no way I can tell you). "Tonight is accoustic," he twittered "so no amps etc, if you come make sure you shut your mouths or people will get angry and hurt you probably". Support is Edward Elgar. Afterparty at Ogidans. "be there from 10.30-ish,voluntary contributions if your not banded up. will play a few ding dongs".
3. The lovely Drusillo (it's been a while, love, innit) did launch something else last Sunday, i.e. (hear hear) Lee Mavers' borfday party! Funktastic night with many guests like Carlos Baratos, Joe Lean and the wonderful Ladyhawke. They all played at some point (videos will surface one day).
4. Speaking of Carlito, it seems the Glasgow gig of 8 August is not going to happen because Barat was not even booked in the first place.
Somebody pulled a General then.

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Anjali said...

Joe Lean and poor little Carlito in the same room???